With over 20 years of experience in mineral exploration and advisory, ethore SA pursues its objectives with a special commitment regarding ethics and risks' assessment.

Independent Analysis

Each analysis or specific study is conducted without external influence (economic, political) or motivated by purely personal interests. ethore SA works in connection with its geologists' network, which are also able to provide Compliant Person Report (CPR).


We guaranty a full confidentiality on all work mandated


ethore SA (formerly LKConsult) has provided investors with a useful Geological Expertise since 2003. Back from Africa and from managing exploration projects for Anglo American, LKConsult was mandated as a buy side analyst (2003-2007) for a well-known Swiss gold fund

Since then, we have collaborated actively to the creation of three different portfolios (precious metals, metals diversified, rare and critical metals) which all have figured as best performers on the 'Swiss Fund Data' . Assets under management have varied between CHF 20 million to CHF 350 million.


We have a strong focus for rare earth elements, precious metals, industrial metals and rare metals. We think that the industry is shifting towards the manufacturing of new and competitive materials to respond to green tech, energy savings, and miniaturization


Diversification between metals and risk classes participates actively to the performance. Moreover the ability to invest along a value chain gives that flexibility when anticipating trends.

RI : Responsible Investment

We work on improving the quality of investment in the mining sector. We participate proactively on an ongoing process to develop a responsible and ethical approach in assessing mineral projects. Such initiative aims to mobilize professionals, communities of interests and all other related associations.


e-services from ethore aim to provide the necessary knowledge to better assess the value and the quality of an investment in  mining or exploration companies


We exercise vigilance on securities we select for sustainable development and / or for respect of code of ethics. These values affect health, respect for the human person and his rights, the environment, external political relations. 

Metals are part of our modern lives and we must think sustainability through a process:  Extraction-Integration-Recycling.